Ghost Of Tsushima Combat: 8 Advanced Tips

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Swords, bows and arrows, smoke bombs, assassinations, roundhouse kicks–Ghost of Tsushima’s combat features

Combat is one in all the strongest pillars of the Ghost of Tsushima. It’s more intricate than an easy hack-and-slash since you need to evaluate enemy types, read their moves carefully, and attack accordingly. It will be challenging, but once you get a feel for timing attacks and using your ever-growing skill set, you’ll start to create a rhythm. Here, we’ve some advanced combat tips that’ll push your capabilities even further.

Even though there’s no traditional leveling system with stats. You’ll strengthen Jin throughout your journey by unlocking more tools and skills to make tougher fights easier to require on. Since you’ll choose different skills that’ll affect your playstyle as you level up, we’ll go over a few of the essentials and list which skills are necessary to tug off some of the more intricate techniques. you’ll watch the video below to see our combat tips in action or continue further down to read the guide if you like.

Mizu-no-Kami Charm And Parry Timing

Parrying is one of the most important elements to combat, and with the correct timing, you’ll turn an enemy attack to your advantage. If you’re having a tough time parrying and dodging, especially during mob fights, it should be best to track down the Mizu-no-Kami charm. It’s located at Spring Falls Shrine and may be found very early in the game.

This charm gives wider timing windows for all of your parries, perfect parries, and excellent dodges. These are essential combat mechanics. This charm is valuable throughout the entire game. It can make you much more efficient in battle, especially if you need to parry or dodge multiple attacks during a row.

Make Your Own Combos in Tsushima

Some techniques pair really well with each other, so we’ve come up with a couple of combos that you may want to use as you level up and grow stronger.

You can pair Smoke Bombs with the Chain Assassination technique for simple multi-kills against enemies caught within the smoke’s blast. Smoke Bombs essentially put you in stealth state which opens enemies up to the assassination.

If you use the Typhoon Kick, immediately throw a Sticky Bomb, then line up an arrow shot with concentration, you will have a badass looking high-damage combo.

The Foot Is Mightier Than The Sword

Arguably, the most overpowered ability in the game is that the Wind Stance’s Typhoon Kick finisher. This unblockable kick forces a knockdown state. Giving the enemy no chance to retaliate and offering you an instant-kill opportunity on normal opponents, and important strikes on leaders. While it is often dodged sometimes and doesn’t work on Brute units, its consistent effects on everyone else and high damage output make this extremely useful.

Concentration-Parry Trick

Drawing your bow lets you activate the Concentrate ability, which slows down time to help you line up a shot. You’ll exploit this ability to form executing perfect parries easier also.

Ghost of Tsushima Simply pulls out your bow by holding L2 then initiate concentrate by tapping R3 once you sense that an enemy may soon attack. you’ll now focus on timing your parry reaction. Release L2 then press L1 immediately to parry exactly because the enemy strikes. there’s almost no delay between putting your bow away and initiating a guard, so you’ll land easy perfect parries like this.

Never Lose Your Resolve

Since there is no consumable to replenish Resolve, you’ll have to find creative ways to refill it. Defeating enemies and finishing off terrified enemies are standard methods, but getting kills during standoffs is that the best and fastest way to refill Resolve.

You can also upgrade your parry to a resolved parry, whittle away a squad of enemies to at least one man, and farm resolve by parrying him over and over until your resolve is filled. Killing hostile wildlife, like boars and bears, also refills resolve.

Assassin’s Steed

You can do a fairly neat trick with your horse to get some easy kills. Since enemies don’t suspect horses as combatants on their own, you’ll use it as a disguise. A standoff range, dismount on the far side (away from the enemies), and whistle from behind your horse. When the group of enemies comes, take advantage of the Chain Assassination skill to wipe out a squad, or a minimum of gain the upper hand against larger groups, all thanks to your trusty steed.

Take the right Stance

A good habit you should develop, as you get stronger and acquire more stances, is to form switching stances against the right enemy types second nature. Getting into the natural flow of adjusting stances quickly and smoothly gives you a huge advantage on stagger damage output and puts much more pressure on the right opponents, especially during hectic mob fights.

Remember which stances are meant to require on enemy types: Wind Stance for spearmen, Moon Stance for Brutes, Water Stance for shieldmen, and Stone Stance for normal swordsmen.


While dodging and parrying are two good defensive options that can lead to offensive opportunities, remember that jumping is additionally a viable tactic in battle. you’ll jump over most attacks within the game, and you’ll want to learn when and the way to avoid these attacks to show them to your advantage. This can be especially useful against certain red-glinting unblockable attacks.

Doing jump attacks, including the jumping sword slash or jump kick, also are considered a jump themselves, so learn to use these against the proper enemy attacks and you will have another technique for getting aggressive.

Hopefully, you’ve learned a thing or two that’ll make the next fight a bit easier; if you’re unclear on any of the tactics listed, you’ll watch the video version above to see them in action. For more on this latest PS4 exclusive, make sure to see out all our Ghost of Tsushima guides and walkthroughs, or read our Ghost of Tsushima review.

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