PUBG update 8.2 will add the new weapon and decoy grenade on August 19

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On August 12, PUBG update 8.2 is landing on the Test Server. a week later, on August 19, it’ll be going live in-game. The incoming update for the battle royale brings some new toys for players to murder one another with, also as some visual improvements, new features, and a few new locations on Erangel. The most exciting things in PUBG update 8.2 looks to be the new weapon, the MG3 Light Machine Gun, and also the Decoy Grenade.

A new pew pew

Not too long ago, PUBG Corp said it didn’t want to feature too many new weapons to the battle royale. It then proceeded to release the Mosin, which is a Kar98 with a special model. Now, PUBG has decided to feature the MG3 Light Machine Gun, which could have a really noticeable impact on gameplay.

The MG3 are going to be a crate weapon, so you’re going to have to battle to get your hands on it. Additionally, it’ll be available on all of the maps. The MG3 has two firing modes – 660 rpm and 990 rpm and more. It uses 7.62 ammo and the magazine can hold 75 bullets for more action. Interestingly, the MG3 deals 1.25x damage to vehicles, which can make it a BDRM killer and excellent for taking down Loot Trucks on Sanhok.

As with the opposite LMGs in the game, the MG3 can take up to a 6x scope. It also features a bipod that will automatically deploy when you lay prone. Best of all, every fifth round you fire will be a tracer round that only you’ll see. The ultimate 10 bullets in your magazine will also be tracer rounds, letting you know you’re almost out of ammo.

The bamboozle bomb update 8.2

PUBG Corp gave players a preview of the changes being made to Sanhok to get ready. That preview also included a brief clip of the Decoy Grenade, which inexplicably never arrived at the beginning of the season. Fast forward a month and therefore the Decoy Grenade is being thrown into the battle with update 8.2, but only on Sanhok as a rare world spawn.

When used, the Decoy Grenade will emit fake firing sounds for about 10 seconds, also as drop bullet casings to really sell the ruse. The grenades will not work in water, but they will be cooked to execute your plan faster. The sounds the Decoy Grenade makes will be the true test of its capabilities and more. If the patterns are easily recognizable, players will quickly adapt, and it’ll be useless. If the gun audio and fire rate are random, it’ll be a devastating tool that lures many players to their end.

Docking on Erangel

PUBG’s original map, Erangel, has received a little update. Four docks are added at different locations. the prevailing wharves in Novorepnoye and Ferry Pier have undergone some renovations to feature docks. Plus, the southern beach of the Erangel mainland and therefore the southern beach of Sosnovka Island feature dockyards now. That would indicate a replacement mode of transport for Erangel. Vikendi includes a train and Sanhok just received Loot Trucks. Maybe the white and turquoise boat within the image below is a ferry?

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